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Study at your own pace and in your own time. It is suggested that you work through the modules and view all the videos before attempting the worksheets, which are available for you to download. As a subscriber, you will also have access to control tests, practice papers, study notes, and online assessments which test your knowledge and grasp of each section. 

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Grade 11 Workbook & DVD Box Set | Details
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Supplementary guides are available for grade 8, grade 10,and grade 11. Books for grade 9 and 12 are currently in production. Watch this space. 

Grade 11 Workbook | Details
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Grade 10 Workbook | Details
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Grade 8 Workbook | Details
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DVD Box Sets

DVD Box Sets are available for grade 8-12 and complement the respective workbook.

Grade 8 DVD Box Set | Details
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Grade 9 DVD Box Set | Details
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Grade 10 DVD Box Set | Details
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Grade 11 DVD Box Set | Details

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Grade 12 DVD Box Set | Details

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Although the concept of Mathology Ltd was started 15 years ago, as far as well established companies are concerned, it is still in its infancy.

The real motivation behind starting this company came from an unexpected source.

Just about the only subject I was passionate about in high school was Maths, so from the time I was in 1st year university, I started tutoring. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I felt it wasn't really a viable option at the time to continue doing it, so I found myself in jobs that, while they paid the bills, did not give me the satisfaction that I desired. 

Mathology is the result of a lot of heartache in the workplace.

I know what you're thinking...why didn't I just teach in a classroom? Well, there are several reasons why I chose not to teach in this environment, but the one that sticks out is the fact that in a classroom it is difficult to address each individual's problems thoroughly without delaying the completion of the syllabus. Added to the fact that each individual has a different understanding of each concept, and everyone works at their own pace. So with all these factors taken into consideration, it led me to where I am today.

Having said all that, after living in the UK for 6 years, I started teaching at a small private school where I was H.O.D Mathematics and also taught Physical Science (grades 10-12) from 2012-2015, taught grade 8 and 9 at Edenvale High in 2016, and am currently teaching Mathematics and Physical Science (10-12) at a private independent IEB school in Johannesburg. 

There are no secrets to my methods of teaching -  no special techniques, no quick fixes, no short-cuts. Adapting to the way the student thinks is key to understanding the problem and addressing it and is one of the reasons I have been so successful in the past. 99% of all students I have tutored in the past 20+ years have improved their Maths grade by at least 10% within a month of commencement of lessons, no matter what their current grade may be.

This is my personal guarantee to you. 

Mathology is about making a difference. I hope that, once you have tried my products, you get more than just a higher grade, but also the intangible stuff - confidence and self-belief.

Cary Beylis

Hons BSc (Information Systems), University of South Africa, 2006
Diploma (Information Systems), University of South Africa , 2002

BSc (Chemistry), University of the Witwatersrand, 1997
P.G.C.E (Mathematics F.E.T & Senior Phase)