My daughter in grade 10 loves the book and finds it so helpful. It helps (her) to know the work before she goes to class. The DVDs are the best. - Nancy, 2019

I found Cary very helpful, friendly, patient and not the least bit intimidating. His explanations were always very methodical and therefore easy to understand and remember. Cary adapted very well to my wavelength and level of understanding when explaining concepts to me. He would not complicate things any more than they needed to be, in fact he kept things very simple.

Cary made lessons pleasant enough for maths not to be dreaded - I actually loved maths after I knew what was going on, and even excelled in computational maths at university. - Kira, Grade 11 & 12, 2001-2

My son Daniel was really battling with maths until he started extra maths lessons with Cary in grade 8. Before these lessons his maths mark was below 40%, and ended up finishing grade 8 with 69%. I would recommend Cary to anyone whose children are battling with maths. -  Angelique, 2012

A big thank you to Cary who helped my son with his grade 10 maths last year (2012). My son was really battling, and with Cary’s patient and calm demeanor, and the way he clearly explains a concept, my son is now quite comfortable with his maths. My son was getting between 20 and 40% for maths last year, and is now achieving marks between 60 and 70%. I truly believe that without Cary’s help, this would not have been the case. - Colleen, 2012

Cary facilitated extra maths lessons with me during the period I was in STD 8 to Matric ( Grade 10-12). I expected to obtain a deeper insight into the subject, and I sought a better understanding on the sections I was struggling with and didn't fully understand.

When needed Cary took me through sections I was unclear on, and almost re-taught me how to approach them. He showed me great exam technique, and provided tips and papers, over and above those provided by my school, for me to practice.

Cary was patient and very understanding and was very clear when explaining concepts. Overall my extra-lessons with him were enjoyable and very beneficial as my marks definitely improved. He is a great teacher. - Nick, grade 11 & 12, 2003-4

Cary tutored me in maths for four months. I have found this extremely beneficial as he is very patient, thorough, and explains topics clearly and in detail. I have already improved my grades and understanding in maths, which I believe will get me a higher grade in my GCSE. I would highly recommend Cary to anyone. - Paige, Level 4, 2010

Since starting extra lessons, Shane seems a lot more confident regarding his maths. He does seem to enjoy the lessons, and has told me you explain things clearly, which he appreciates. Thank you for your patience in teaching him! - Pam, 2012

Cary, thanks for giving me a reason to come to school every day and allowing me to once again have the great love for maths that I do. Stay awesome! - Carla, Grade 11, 2015

You have the power to make somebody else’s life better. Somebody needs what you have – your smile, your love, your words, and your encouragement. Thank you for being our pillar, our voice of reason, our drive. - Grade 11 - Class of 2015

I came to Edenvale High School not understanding Maths but after this year I would never have said I never understood. Our maths teacher has shown us innovative and fun ways to learn, and for that I am very grateful. As our maths teacher said (at the beginning of the year), failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and to me this could not be more true. Maths takes practise and perserverance, and through this I have learned to understand Maths this year. - Casey, Grade 8, 2016

Sir, I just wanted to thank you so much for this year. You gave me a new found inspiration for maths, and I just wanted to thank you! You’re such an amazing Maths teacher, really amazing and kind, thank you for everything. It will be extremely hard to forget you. You will always be our number one. - Tasneem, Grade 8, 2016

Dear Mr Beylis, I would like to say thank you for the amazing first year of (high school) maths that you have given us. We gave you a hard time but we do love and respect you. We love you tons Sir. - Hannah, Grade 8, 2016

Sir, much cool, so amazing. Wow! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us this year Sir. - Chris, Grade 8, 2016